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Equipment Valued at $75 thousand dollars


ICT requested resources from the Chinese Government in Taiwan for the acquisition of new motorcycles and all terrain vehicles.

The new Tourist Police force will have the best tools to perform their duties in different regions throughout the country, as a result of the acquisition of new mobile equipment carried out by the Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT).

This acquisition includes 24 motorcycles and 6 all terrain vehicles, which were acquired with a donation of $ 75 thousand dollars, granted by the Government of the Chinese Republic in Taiwan, whose resources are administered by the Foundation of National Parks.

Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism, stated that this is only one of the many steps that are being carried out to strengthen this particular police force aimed at the guidance and safety of local tourists as well as foreigners.

“With this donation, 125 officers belonging to the Tourist Police force will be able to carry our their functions in better conditions, especially at this time of the year, when there is a large number of visitors heading to the tourist areas in celebration of Easter Week,” stated Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism.

Moreover, the Minister added that this year the Ministry of Public Security and the Costa Rican Tourist Board are working to extend the Tourist Safety Agreement with the purpose of providing more resources for this program. By midyear an increase of 150 new graduates is expected, which will strengthen the tourism police force.
Fernando Berrocal, Minister of Public Security, mentioned that the cooperation and efforts of the Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT) as well as the tourist industry have been fundamental to start off the Tourist Police.
“I am glad that business owners of the tourist industry have understood that public safety is an investment that represents an essential part in the sustainable development, finally resulting in a better quality of life,” added the Minister of Public Security.

It is important to state that the number of thefts targeting foreigners, according to statistics issued by the Judicial Investigation Organism (OIJ), dropped in the first two months of 2007 compared to the same months of 2006, being reduced from 1,168 to 910. This definitely reflects the effectiveness of the Tourist Police force.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (March 29., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica