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ICT and JAPDEVA will certify the quality of services offered by tour operators


• Police force will be doubled at all ports receiving cruise ships

Cruise ships from Carnival Cruise lines will continue to arrive to the country; this news has been confirmed by the company spokesperson through an official press release. Safety issues had led to rumors that cruise ships would stop coming to the country, however, after the statement, they have been put to rest.

“There is no cancellation of any cruise ships coming to the country. Costa Rica continues to be a safe destination. Limon is a beautiful, every penny’s worth province. We believe that with tourism we can keep improving the area and we will not allow a few robbers to dirty the name of this province, nor the name of Costa Rica,” stated Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism.

Benavides had a meeting yesterday with Fernando Berrocal, Minister of Public Security, in which the topic of public safety was addressed. Representatives of tour operators, members of the Municipality of Limon as well as the Port Authority and Administration of Development of the Atlantic Waterways (JAPDEVA) were also present.

They announced that police force will be doubled in Limon for the arrival of cruise ships. Moreover, the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT) and JAPDEVA will certify the quality of the services offered by tour operators to cruise travelers on the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts.

“We are not going to allow tour operators to take tourists to areas that are not adequate for tourism; we will cancel operating permits to those who do not comply. This measure will also help us to increase the quality and standards of service that tour operators offer. Our plan is to work together with these groups in order to incorporate them into a higher standard of tourism,” stated Benavides.

The Minister of Security, Fernando Berrocal, has promised to double the police force in Limon for the arrival of these cruise ships.

“We assume the responsibility of doubling the police force and the operational services and to maintain open communication with different institutions not only in Limon but also in other regions of the country that receive cruise ships. Ten police cars have been assigned to the region of Limon in addition to new policemen who have been trained for the safety of tourists in this region,” stated Berrocal.

From October 2006 to February 2007, the province of Limon has received a total of 74 cruise ships from different cruise lines. In other words, just in this period, close to 82,000 visitors have come to this country.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (February 27., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica