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ICT and JAPDEVA sign cooperation agreement


* In four years, approximately ¢3 thousand million will be invested in tourist programs and infrastructure.

Taking advantage of the tourist potential of the province of Limon to develop an industry which will allow the people in the Caribbean to reach better conditions of life and employment opportunities, are just some of the goals included in the cooperation agreement between the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) and Administration Board and Port Development of the Atlantic Slope (JAPDEVA).

The agreement was signed this Thursday by the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Benavides and the Executive President of JAPDEVA (Administration Board and Port Development of the Atlantic Slope), Walter Robinson, in presence of the witness of honor, the President of the Republic, Oscar Arias Sanchez, who pointed out the importance of Limón becoming a port city.

“I wish Limón could become a more prosperous province with a diversified economy, a more attractive city visited by more than three or even four thousand tourists,” said Oscar Arias, President of the Republic.

The agreement establishes the elaboration of a Tourist Development Plan for the Caribbean, the implementation of complete regulation plans in the Tourist Development Centers, as well as the incorporation of tourism as a variable in the urban regulatory plans.

“The importance of this agreement is that it will allow us to establish coordinated actions for the promotion of the province of Limón as a tourist destination, implement programs that will raise the quality level of tourist services and promote small and medium companies of the sector, among other actions, said Carlos Benavides,” Minister of Tourism.

JAPDEVA (Administration Board and Port Development of the Atlantic Slope) plans to invest approximately ¢3 thousand million in the next four years, specially in infrastructure, and the ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Board) will be an allied contributing technically with the most important projects enabling the guidance and co-assistance of these efforts.

“Our purpose is to enhance Limón as a tourist destination and generate quality employment through tourist activity. This is the reason why we strengthen the integration of the capacity that already exists in small and medium companies, groups of craftsmen and carriers that for years have been dedicated to this activity. We want to organize them, improve their products and contribute to the tourism in the region. The cooperation with Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) enhances both actions. It is a real alliance,” said Walter Robinson, Executive President of JAPDEVA (Administration Board and Port Development of the Atlantic Slope).

Both the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) and JAPDEVA (Administration Board and Port Development of the Atlantic Slope) have to establish a strategy for the enhancement the security in the region, define special programs of service quality improvement and tourist product in the Caribbean, guarantee the sustainability of the industry through existing initiatives as the Tourist Sustainability Certification and the Ecological Blue Flag.

An important element is that both institutions must contribute with economic resources and technical personnel to achieve these goals, as well as cooperation in tourist infrastructure, seek financing for small and medium companies of the sector for the promotion of the Afro-Caribbean culture, implement regional marketing plans, and establish a strategy of cruises attraction.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (January 18., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica