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ICT (COSTA RICA TOURISM BOARD) and INCOP (Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports) will lead several initiatives


+ Priority Works involve 2,600 million colones investment securitized by Banco Nacional.

The province of Puntarenas will show a new image capable of enhancing the regional tourist industry, thanks to a series of infrastructure works that the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) and INCOP (Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports) will undertake through a securization trust that will be managed by the Banco Nacional.

“Through this securization trust it will be possible to carry out a series of specific works for the enhancing of the local tourist industry in a more efficient way. The cantons require a change of image to be more attractive for national and foreign tourists. The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) is willing to boost the attractions of the region”, said Carlos Banavides, Minister of Tourism.

The new mechanism derives from a proper decision assumed by INCOP (Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports) and ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Board) in joining efforts to undertake improvements in Puntarenas, Esparza, Montes de Oro, Aguirre, Garabito, Quepos, and Parrita, as well as to optimize the use of resources that the concessionaires of Caldera pay as a tax. By law order No.8461 they must be destined to enhance the regional tourism.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) is joint beneficiary in the trust, therefore, the objective of the investment will be to comply with the own institution purposes. This will allow a leadership in the management of the initiatives, recommending projects and facilitating the works through the coordination of cooperation agreements with INCOP (Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports) and other institutions.

Benavides pointed out that ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Board) is working on seeking for projects in other institutions that were of tourist interest and that in a jointly way will help improve the urban quality of these cantons and the tourist attractions.

Some of the works involve the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), the INCOFER (Costa Rican Institute of Railroads), municipalities, among others; however, this would eventually call for a common point of view so they could have the priority they deserve.

In this way, a schedule of work has been established, in order to be carried out by ends of this year and until the year 2010. This involves an investment close to 2,600 million colones.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (January 17., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica