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After an investment of more than $200,000 by ICT and INCOP


As of today, national and foreign tourists will have a new attraction and information site in the City of Puntarenas. It is the Port Capitanía building, which opened its doors after a long, rigorous restoration process.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, the place will be one of the first reference points for tourists that visit the city of Puntarenas, particularly those arriving on cruise ships. It re-enforces the beautification efforts in the zone.

“It is our pleasure to reopen the doors of a site that has a lot of cultural-historical value, not only for the citizens of Puntarenas, but also for Costa Ricans. Newly renovated, the Capitanía building will re-enforce the image of Puntarenas and will be more efficient and have better capacity for tourists thanks to a range of services set up, one of them being the Tourist Information Center. The Center will be very convenient, particularly for those arriving on cruise ships,” said Benavides.

The Capitanía building will offer services to tourists, like space for events, art exhibitions, a history museum, gourmet coffee, government offices, souvenir shops, as well as the Tourist Information Center. Also, the site’s restoration will add to the captivating surroundings of Puntarenas’ harbor.

The building’s restoration was carried out through a cooperation agreement between Costa Rica Tourist Board and the Pacific Ports Institute (INCOP). The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports through the Architectural Heritage and Research Center, also lent its support to the restoration process. Investment in the effort was over $200,000.

The site was constructed in 1931 and presently belongs to INCOP (Pacific Ports Institute). The government declared the property an architectural and historical landmark on October 25, 1994 through the 202 Executive Initiative.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (March 25., 2008) San Jose, Costa Rica